Whether the skin on your body is dry, sensitive, oily or acne-driven you can definitely benefit from using a Body Oil.  

Top 5 Reasons to Use Body Oil

  1. Superior moisturising:  Oils reintroduce moisture into the skin and sink right into the top layers.  Research shows oils improve skin barrier function, regulate sebum production and smooth and soften skin.
  2. Just the good stuff:  The ingredients in Body Oil is not processed and also non-toxic. Since there is no water, no preservative is needed.
  3. Fewer ingredients:  For those with allergies or sensitive skin, fewer ingredients means less chances for a reaction.  
  4. Works for all skin types and climates:  Not just for dry skin!  Our Sweet Almond oil is for all skin types please read more about oils and skin types here
  5. Add Essential oils: Blend with your chosen Essential Oils for extra Plant Power! They boost the healing properties of your skin oil and have regenerating and toning properties. Not only are they easily absorbed into your skin, but they also improve the texture, feel, AND look of your skin!



Add 30 drops (10 of each) of Organic Vegan Pure Essential Oils to 150ml Carrier Base Oil and shake.


Simply pour a pea size amount in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm the oil, and massage it into your skin massage in circular motions up to the heart. Don't forget your feet!


Use your magic blended body oil day or night get ready to LOVE the skin you’re in! Tip: apply before slipping into a bath to trap in moisture or after a shower to warm, damp skin. You'll be left with skin that's deeply moisturised, with a healthy, radiant glow.