BCALM Aroma Diffuser

Why won’t my diffuser switch on even with water in it?

It is important to use the correct amount of water. The Diffuser has a 100 ml water capacity. If there is too much water or too little water (under 20 ml) the diffuser will not switch on. Check that the vessel of the diffuser is holding 100mls of water and then switch on the diffuser.

The base of the Diffuser unit itself should be kept on a clean surface at all times. Any dust or dirt that might be caught in between the air inlet will interfere with the dispersion of the mist.

Is it normal if I see minor water droplets and condensation on the mist outlet and nearby surfaces of the Aroma Diffuser?

The diffuser has been tested at ambient temperature and standard humidity for mist condensation. Sometimes, at low room temperatures and humid environments, the mist may condense quicker than usual and form water droplets. This is completely normal and therefore safe.

How do I maintain and clean my Diffuser?

A mild detergent is suitable for cleaning the internal vessel as well as the outside of the Diffuser. Please do not immerse the diffuser in water to clean.

Can I use my Diffuser in any room?

Always use your diffuser in a well ventilated room. Do not use the diffuser close to the edge of a bathtub. The Diffuser is not a waterproof device and is not recommended for outdoor use.

How do I safely add water to my diffuser each time?

It is crucial to always add and remove water from the  Diffuser on the opposite side to the air outlet. The air outlet must remain free of water as this is the area that establishes the effect of mist dispersion. If water is spilled into the air outlet, this will result in water getting into the internal mechanics and will damage the diffuser and prevent it from functioning. If a small amount of water accidentally spills into the diffuser air outlet please unplug and turn the power off immediately and let the diffuser body (without top lid) air dry for more than 24 hours before turning it back on.

BCALM Organic Pure Essential Oils

Are BCALMS essential oils pure and organic?                                                                                                                  
We source premium oils with strict certification requirements for production and purity. Our oils are 100% pure and do not contain any synthetic substances, water, perfume or non-natural components. All our oils are certified organic.
Are Essential Oils safe?

Yes but there are some safety precautions to take into account.

  • Children and essential oils – make sure you’re using the least amount of oil possible and that you’re only using child safe essential oils. 
  • During pregnancy, scents are generally stronger, use less oil to not overpower.
  • Pets - diffuse for shorter periods of time. Be mindful of a dogs strong sense of smell and not to overpower them. Cats liver cannot properly metabolise the oils.
  • Be mindful of diffusing around other people. Some people may be more sensitive or allergic to smells

Should you choose to diffuse essential oils around anyone sensitive, we recommend:

  • Using only small amounts of essential oils, 5 drops
  • Make sure that the room is well ventilated with a window slightly open
  • Always keep a door open so that the animal can enter and exit the room easily
  • Watch how your pet responds to the aroma, and if you notice your pet resisting, discontinue 
 These are the products that we think are most pet friendly:
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium bourbon
 These are the products that we think are most child friendly:
  • Frankincense - Immune support and relaxing
  • Geranium bourbon - Balance
  • Lavender - Calming
  • Lemon - Mood lifting
  • Orange Mood lifting
  • Peppermint - Helpful for digestion
  • Tea tree - Immune support