Self Care Gift Set


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What do you do keep your wellbeing on track? Creating new structures to support your ongoing health and wellness goals and structuring your days for self-reflection; focus on rejuvenation, walks in nature and deep rest with daily self care massage with essential oils are key to find this version of ourselves.

Here is a beautiful self care gift set full of our wellness favourites for you or a loved one this festive season to give you a moment of calm or take your power back. Sending Healthy Wishes Richie, Becky, Bella and Betsy xxxx

Whats inside the beautiful gift box:

  • 2 x Essential Oil
  • 1 x Carrier Oil
  • 1 x Keyring
  • 1 x Geo Cut Roller Ball

Essential Oils:

Botanical Name: Frankincense, Boswellia Serrata
Source: Somalia
Aroma: A spicy, woody aroma
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled  Size: 5ml 

Key Features:

  • Frankincense has been used to help heal the body, mind, and soul. It can be used for meditation and cultivating inner peace, as a skin care remedy, and to help strengthen the lungs.

Botanical Name: Sweet Orange, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis
Source: Brasil
Aroma: A zesty and refreshing aroma
Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed  Size: 5ml

Key Features:

  • strengthening, refreshing and stimulating essential oil. It is uplifting for the emotions and helpful in maintaining a healthy circulatory system and encouraging healthy digestion. 

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil: 

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil Botanical NamePrunus Amygdulus Dulcis Oil
Source: USA
Aroma: Delicate, sweet smell and a flavour with a hint of marzipan.
Method of Extraction: Cold pressed product so all the goodies remain within the oil. Straightforward nutritious skin food. Extracted from the seed kernel of the sweet almond tree.
Size: 5ml 0.5 fl oz, perfect size base oil to pop in your BCALM geo cut roller ball on the go!

Key Features:

  • An excellent emolient
  • Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E
  • Calms and protects against skin irritation
  • Aids in relieving skin and scalp irritation, both inflammation and itching.
  • A popular lubricating oil, commonly used in massage for this very reason. Commonly used in baby products due to its sensitive nature on irritated and sensitive skin


Geo Cut Glass Roller Ball 8ml

Carry your blended essential oils wherever you go with this pretty essential oil geo cut glass roller ball. 

Blending Directions:

Using the funnel, place in the geo cut glass bottle top and pour the whole bottle of carrier oil in. Add your essential oil. Either one or blend both for more botanical plant power. We recommend 15-30 drops of essential oils to carrier oil (5-10%) Enjoy the magic of making your own blend! Use one oil or blend all of them depending on your mood. 

Push on the roller ball lid securely. Dab on pressure points (wrist, neck, temples) throughout the day or night as and when you need the health benefits as well as a delicious aroma.

Why buy a blend when you can make the magic of one yourself? Why not create your own signature scent selection, and take your favourite aromas on the go with you? Watch our how to fill video and did you know you can re-use and refill the roller ball when you run out? Shop here

Keyring Diffuser 

Carry your essential oils wherever you go with this pretty essential oil diffuser keyring. The wooden beads are porous and will soak up the essential oils, diffusing throughout the day with you. This will help to relieve stress and anxiety, bringing a sense of calm on your travels.


  • Add two to three drops of your favourite organic essential oil to the porous beads.
  • Enjoy the calming health benefits on the go

Happy Blending on the go!

If you need any further support and advice on how to use Essential Oils read our blog on tips and tricks.